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  • Cloud ERP software for today – and tomorrow

  • decide and act immediately – from anywhere

  • Lower cost

  • It simplify workflows, intelligently automate processes and provides real-time analytics that allow companies to see vital information as it becomes available.

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 SAP S4Hana On Premise 

The SAP S/4HANA On-premise edition avails the full spectrum and functionality of this suite along with the highly flexible customization. This edition works best for large organizations that have very well-established complex business processes that need simplification. Unlike the Cloud edition, the On-premise edition provides more opportunities for effective monitoring of business processes in large organizations.

SAP Business by Design (ByD) 

SAP Business ByDesign is a full-featured cloud ERP software solution for small and mid size businesses. It is fast and affordable which helps you to achieve data consistency, adaptability and Scalability.

 SAP Central Finance  (cFIN) 

SAP Central Finance is the financial management of the future and provides transparency and overview where complexity and uncertainty prevail. Maximize the quality of your key financial figures that enables you to manage finances in real time when using multiple SAP or non-SAP ERP systems. Keep your liquidity under control. And reduce your business risks. Everything and more with just one tool - SAP Central Finance

 SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM)

Accounts Receivable, Billing and Revenue Management

SAP BRIM or Billing and Revenue Innovation Management is an advanced billing technology in SAP. Most companies are upgrade to the BRIM method because it is flexible and User experience is high. It is also called Hybris Billing Method. Its Contain four components .

They are

1.Subscription Order Management

2.Convergent Charging

3.Convergent Invoice

4.Contract accounts receivable and payable.


 SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) 

SAP Analytics Cloud can enable you to create bleeding-edge analytics with a complete solution. It automates insights with machine learning and allows you to compose specialized analytics apps faster and deliver high-performance analytics at scale.


  • Simulate any scenario and automatically generate plans from predictions

  • Utilize the full context of SAP data and bring analytics closer to the point of decision

  • Compose specialized analytics apps quickly to address unique business requirements

  • SAP Profitability Analysis & Performance Management (PAPM) 

  • SAP Group Reporting (GR) 

  • SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR)

  • SAP Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO)

  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)