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SAP Finance Data Migration 

Parallel Lines

SAP Finance Data Migration is considered one of the top risks in any SAP ERP Implementations. We offer a comprehensive set of expert services to support a customer’s SAP Financial Implementation program. In addition, we provide a data factory approach leveraging our offshore migration experts in a Center of Excellence model enabling us to deliver these services with robust quality processes in the most cost-effective manner.

Our SAP Financial Data Migration Delivery services can speed up the SAP master data and open transactional data migration by automating steps and improving the accuracy of the process resulting in reductions in time and cost for the overall implementation project. With our automation, prebuilt content, expert services and agile methodology, customers can go live in a lower risk and cost-effective manner.

On an ongoing basis the quality and consistency of master data must be maintained in order to maximize the value of this critical corporate asset. We also offer SAP Data Governance Advisory services to fully enable customers to continue to maintain the quality of their Data.

Customers in live SAP environments can find themselves experiencing data integrity issues across their transactions that are causing business interruptions. We also provide a highly-valued set of services to help customers solve these types of data-related issues in their SAP system.  

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